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Classically trained Mezzo-Soprano, Eleonore discovered the blues, like many a broken-hearted soul after a devastating break-up. She stumbled in to "The Twisted Tail" in Philadelphia and met her first blues mentor, recording artist, singer and harmonica player extraordinaire Mikey Jr. 


At a concert in her hometown, Mikey introduced Eleonore to his former bassist Jimmy Pritchard (Jimmy Pritchard Band, Albert Castiglia Band) who continued to inspire and encourage her to find freedom in her voice. Embracing this new side of her performance career and identity, Eleonore changed the spelling of her name to "Ella Nora" to exemplify her artistic "rebirth." Ella Nora is thrilled to explore the lessons the blues has to teach her voice and soul as often as she can.

Ella Nora continues to revel in all styles of music, from blues to jazz, to classical to folk, all of which can be sampled in the videos below.


"Blues a healer, all over the world, all over the world. It healed me, it can heal you." John Lee Hooker



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